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Jak by měly vypadat reklamy…

Vychytávky ze světa: lepší reklamy 🙂

Red Cross

schodiště v IKEA

Nationwide - automobilové pojištění

Shiatzu masáže

připomínka všem, odkud se bere energie

co když si někdo vybere špatně? 😀

Jeep - kamkoli, kdekoli, cokoli 😉

tááák jemné a příjemné na dotek

dokážete taky tak rychle měnit účesy? já bych si to přála 😛

Tak, to by bylo pro dnes a ohledně schodů (eskalátorů) vše 😉

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

(1:53 am in Hifi)

treat compliments like greetings, momentarily and right „at the moment“, people change, you change, the world changes…there will always be somebody better than you right beside you just when you take that compliment into your head for „permanent being“, after that it’s only hard awakenings and bitter knowledge…

staying awake is like cross-country running: after you overcome the first few miles (and urge to stop), you switch to the „1. Newton’s law stage“…but when you stop, it’s the „3. Newton’s law stage“ with the intensity varying by the time been in „1. Newton’s law stage“…

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

rather take an apple and take the walk THAN eat a whole meal in supersonic speed and barf

rather smile and be alright THAN have others think you’re one big problem, you’re unstable, you barely know what your life’s meaning is and finally stop going to you to talk and advice

working on a stable and good relationship is hard but rewards you dearly with friends but isolation feels good when nothing’s going berserk but you never ventilate it out, all it takes to ruin EVERYTHING is ONE  STUPID THING, just one.

always have a reason to say when doing anything, people are nosey; and remember: there’s always going to be one person to whom any of YOUR reasons won’t be enough.

smile – always – naturally – people are fooled by naturality but they can sense fakeness very easily

don’t try too hard…unless you’re a hundred percent sure it’ll be worth it…but still, at the end, you’re never a hundred percent sure about anything