…the saddest word…I re-discovered this song today while I was driving home from a week’s worth of work in the other side of the republic and saw the music video to this today for the first time:

It’s a sad love song for her mother but something in it just applies to me right now and I don’t know what it is. I just feel real connected to it now and it’s not because it’s going to be Mother’s Day in 2 days. I thought about other people on the way home and what happened this week and how my expectations fell to the ground and crushed into tiny bits of self-humiliation, discouragement and mostly just sadness. It was and still is my stupidity, make up all these plans in my head and then nothing works out. Why? Because I just fantasize all the time…ALL THE TIME.
Thank God, I’ve got Him. If it wouldn’t be for Him, I’d be somewhere on drugs and getting drunk everyday just to forget.  Wow, haven’t planned to end it this way…but this is actually the BEST way to end a post – Thank you, Jesus, my best friend, my never-going-to-let-you-down-ever!!!


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