…again. Man, I should do this more often, I’m losing it again. Like always, who doesn’t? But that cannot be our excuse! We wouldn’t get anywhere…
Sometimes it’s better to just stop and look hard, really really very very hard at oneself. Just shut our big ol‘ always-quicker-than-the-mind mouth and let the Holy Spirit operate. Now most of the time it’s gonna sting. Hurt. He’ll break something. He’ll rip something out. He’ll just totally CLEANSE us. It ain’t nothing peaceful and enjoyable (‚cause we people are a bunch of knuckleheads fighting for the stupidest things) but it sure is needed and you do get peace and joy afterwards.
It’s really easy to think we ought to be cleansed just a few times a year, probably twice while we’re cleaning our house as well, but I’ll try to explain how your spirit life is gonna look with just two operations… Everyday, EVERYDAY right when you wake up, what do you think of? Jesus? The Church? God’s Will? Anything to do with God? If not, that’s one pile of dung on you. Let’s say you’re in a hurry to work and need to grab that smoothie and sandwich you premade last night – but your kid’s eating it in front of you. If you smile and give him milk with it – fine – if not – another pile of dung, that’s two. Get the idea? So at the end of the day, do you want to wash or not? (I’m not talking to you disgusting people, you need to get holy first!) Not washing everyday, the old stuff dries up and it gets harder and harder to get rid of it and pretty soon it gets harder for you to talk to „cleansed“ people so you’re satisfied with the other „dirty“ people…
It’s our decision to be cleansed everyday and I want to encourage everyone of you to really make that decision – ask Jesus to forgive you your sins, get washed, get healing, get vision and move on!
This post was mostly for me to put together my thoughts, priorities, relationships but I hope that whoever reads this gets some encouragement to walk on with Christ and never look back! I love you all so much, it’s actually funny, but Jesus showed me how – He can show you as well.



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