…has its end. Everything. Really. People who truly understand the meaning of „end“, those people divide into two very extreme and very different people. All the other ignorant individuals or maybe just juveniles also act very differently towards these two groups. They take pity on one side while on the other side they adore, admire, dream. Regrettably, I tend to be the ignorant individual. All of us do. But some hide it, some win, some lose all the time.

We are Christians. Followers, disciples of Jesus Christ. You know how Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines „follower“? Look for yourself. One that imitates another, an imitator. We imitate the life of JX here on earth, his words, his actions, his willingness to do everything the Father wanted. Jesus knew very well (actually more than anybody) about endings and he did not forget to teach and talk about it all through his life on earth. BUT BUT BUT! Always get to know the whole truth, not just 1/2 or even 999/1000. There’s more to us than meets the eye 🙂 Every person is unique, every person has a body, a soul and a spirit. Still don’t care? What if I told you that your soul and spirit live forever in Gehenna or in heaven, would that change your perspective of life? It should. If it still doesn’t, your conscience won’t let you sleep anymore because JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!!! Now you read it, it’s in you, no stepping back, you have to read on… So yeah, there will be an end to everything, Jesus will wipe away our tears and take us home…THAT is our hope, our faith and THAT will determine how we live our lives. Living for the moment because everything has its end? Remember your soul and spirit…

Never look at other Christians and imitate them. Every person is unique, God has a different relationship with each one of us because He knows everyone has had a different life. And He is God, He created us thus giving us talents for us to glorify His name Jesus. He’s the Almighty God and loves variety, we can’t all do one thing. That’s what the world does, seasonal fashion clothing, newest technology, newest trends in food and on the other side rebels with no cause, hippies, punkers, rockers, always fighting against each other, hating on each other, declaring that nobody understands them… God wants you. (even more than Uncle Sam wants you) You. You’re special. You have responsibility for your own life. You have also heard all these lovely phrases a thousand time before from various sources. Guess where they got it from.



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