…fun fun…what is that word anyway? Is there a objective opinion or definition of that word? Plainly said: no. Of course not. Kids‘ fun is (hopefully) not understood by adults and (again hopefully) kids don’t have fun as adults do. Without going further into psychological, anthropological and cultural means, purposes and causes…there is one important thing I’d like to point out.
All our lives we hear opinions that contradict with each other, „You’re acting like a baby.“ „Sit up.“ „Talk up.“ „Shut up.“ „That cute.“ „That’s gross.“ „Finish your plate.“ „You’re fat.“ „Have fun.“ „Calm down.“
As Christians we should know exactly what „free time“ means.
Let’s ask ourselves these questions:
1. Do I like my free time?
2. To whom does my free time really belong – me or Jesus?
3. How do I use my free time – for myself or to glorify my Lord?
4. Is the fun I have during my free time really worth it?
5. Do I really have to do THAT???

Jesus‘ disciples were together 24/7, they basically had an idea of what each one of them was doing everyday…could we in our churches give notice every hour to our pastor on where we are, what we’re doing? Could we possibly survive that? 😀 I have to laugh, I know I’d be the first one rebelling 😀

Take care, love you all ~



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